Savin Multifunction B&W

Multi-Function Black & White

Models range from compact units that combine copying and faxing functions to full-featured systems with high-volume duplication, printing and high definition image scanning capabilities.


Ricoh IM 550F / IM 600SRF

Ricoh IM 350F / IM 430FbTL / IM 430F

Ricoh MP 2555 / MP 3055 / MP 3555

Ricoh MP 4055 / MP 5055 / MP 6055

Ricoh MP 6503 / MP 7503 / MP 9003

Ricoh MP 305SPF

Savin Color Multifunction

Multi-Function Color

Production of high-powered color communications has never been easier, whether your project is an annual report or an employee bulletin.


Ricoh IM C300E

Ricoh IM C400F / IM C400SRE

Ricoh IM C4500 / IM C6000

Ricoh IM C3000 / IM C3500

Ricoh IM C2000 / IM C2500

Ricoh MP C501SP

Ricoh MP C307 / MPC407

Ricoh MP C6503 / MP C8003

Ricoh MP C401 / MP C401SR

Savin Wide Format

Wide Format

Our wide format products are second to none in performance and reliability.


Ricoh Pro L 5160 Color

Ricoh MP CW2201SP Color

Ricoh MP W6700SP Black & White

Ricoh MP W7100 / MP W8140 Black & White